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The Atwater Solutions team are Soarian Financials experts.

Our Consultants have been exclusively focused on Soarian for more than 10 years and have worked with dozens of Healthcare Providers across the country, helping them improve performance.

Our team has designed, implemented and support many complex IT infrastructures and have developed tools that save time and drive improved performance on the Soarian Financials platform.

A few examples of the work we are doing for Soarian Financials users:

Soarian EBEW Management
Moving Claim edits ‘up front’ of the Billing cycle is a key feature of Soarian Financials that will accelerate cash and reduce Claim Denials when used as a performance improvement tool.

In some situations, the EBEW can cause Billing delays and user frustration. The Atwater Solutions teamhas expert Consultants who can help with process change and know the Claim Edits/EBEW tools. We have also built proprietary tools that help manage and control the EBEW.

Remittance Processing/Cash Reconciliation
Correctly posting Remittances and balancing Cash Receipts can be challenging. The The Atwater Solutions teamteam are experts with the Soarian Rules and set-up; we can help you avoid erroneous Credit Balances, delayed Secondary Billing, unidentified Under Payments or over-stated Contractual Allowances, and improper Denials assignments.

Denials Management
The Atwater Solutions team has deep experience helping our clients manage Denials. From Remittance and Denial Rules set-up to Work Listing, and Payer Scorecards, we can help.

Credit Balance Management/Clean-up
Inaccurate Credit Balances can be caused by a number of factors; Soarian set-up, Payer Remittance coding, Remittance Processing, Claim Rules set-up, and more. The Atwater Solutions team can assist with identification of ‘true’ Credit Balances, and the clean-up of inaccuracies.

Physician Revenue Management
When the time comes to move Physician Billing off of standalone systems such as NextGen, eCw, Athena and others onto Soarian, careful planning, system build, and user adoption is essential. Frequently highly customized CRDT’s are needed to generate clean Claims. We’ve done this work many times.

Designing, testing, and implementing custom Rules has to be done with utmost care. Atwater Solutions experts can help you get the most from these powerful tools.

Reporting/Data Mining/Worklisting
PHA Consultants are expert users of Cubes, SQL, Crystal, Klik, Tableau, and other industry standard data base reporting tools. We seamlessly combine those skills with Revenue Cycle operational knowledge. We frequently provide remote support and one-time projects such as MediCare Cost Reporting/Bad Debt analysis.

Service Master/CDM Optimization
The Atwater Solutions team has extensive experience with strategic pricing, system-wide Service Master synchronization, uniform Descriptions, integration with Clinical Charge Capture and Supply Chain and more.

CEWL/Lost Charge Analysis
The Charge Error Work List is a powerful tool; The Atwater Solutions team can help put it to full advantage including Service Master and Charge Capture optimization.

Guarantor Statement Processing/Return Mail
It’s not uncommon to find that Statement Mailing is a challenge. At .55/piece plus the delayed or lost cash collections, Return Mail can be extremely expensive. The Atwater Solutions team can an assist with reducing Return Mail costs and improving Patient Satisfaction through efficient Statement processes.

Legacy Application Support and Archiving
When an organization moves off Soarian there is frequently a need for their staff to focus on implementing the new software. Atwater can provide Soarian back-up support ranging from on-demand remote support all the way through to a full outsource.

Atwater staff are also experts with legacy data archiving from planning, offloading, and eventual ‘lights out.’ Our team has successfully completed dozens of these projects.

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