We work with our clients to improve performance through systems optimization, process improvement, and staff development. Our clients are across the United States and range in size from small physician practices, to some of the largest integrated delivery networks in the country.

Implementation Services:

Atwater leadership and our entire team of seasoned, professional Consultants have all grown up on systems implementation projects. We’re veterans of outstanding successes, as well as just a few that didn’t turn out so well. From these experiences we are exceptionally well prepared to scope, prepare for, lead, and deliver successful systems conversions. Our Project Management methodology is based on a few simple concepts:

1. Executive Sponsorship – we strive to encourage C-Suite visibility throughout the project, participating in weekly status meetings, recognizing success, asking important questions, and calling us out when things do not go as planned.

2. Success Measurements Defined – from the start we build a data-focused environment. Success in all its’ forms is defined and measured. Team members whether client, Vendor, or consultant can answer the question “how’s it going?” with a fact-based answer (ex. “We’re on track. 50% of tasks are complete, 50% of Budget has been spent”) Status meetings and status reports start out with a recap of important KPI’s, using a dashboard with simple red, yellow or green indicators.

3. Project Management – Successful project managers build and preserve collaboration, hold people accountable, communicate clearly and frequently. They arrive at meetings prepared with a specific agenda, make time to hear everyone’s input, and lead the team to tangible action steps that are documented and tracked. The project manager deals with inter-personal issues in a confidential and objective fashion, making course corrections quickly and proactively. Important issues are dealt with ‘up front’, not swept under the rug or ignored.

4. Project Work Plan – A detailed plan built “from the bottom up” through a collaboration of all stakeholder is essential to creating buy-in and commitment. Timelines, contingencies, milestone events, responsible party, etc. included. Successful implementations foster a culture of “are we on track with the work plan?” and “are our metrics on track?” “Red/Yellow/Green?” Course corrections are agreed upon as a group and the work plan is constantly updated.

5. Subject Matter Experts – Adding specialty skills (especially non-recurring ones) onto the team can speed progress, assured accuracy, mentor staff members in learning new skills, and expose the organization to new and fresh ideas.

Atwater Healthcare Advisers prides itself on helping our clients achieve cost effective outcomes by providing outstanding engagement support, expert subject matter consultants, and a commitment to our clients’ success.

Pre-Implementation Planning:
Prior to beginning an implementation/system conversion, Atwater recommends a shortduration scope analysis be conducted. Using time-tested methodology our Consultants work with the Client team to identify conditions or circumstances within existing operations that will impact the conversion. An example might be a CDM riddled with duplication and inaccuracies.

Findings are documented and recommendations are discussed with Client leadership. A roadmap and recommendations are proposed.